• Reach & Attract – Reach deeper and wider than ever before. We do not rely on single source approaches, standard advertisements, or technology as the primary tool in the process. Our team uses a multi-disciplined sourcing approach (one of the most, if not the most, diverse in the market) accelerated by technology to reach talent no matter where they may hide!
  • Engage & Qualify – Pre-screen and formulate shortlists of highly-relevant candidates. Create talent networks that are continuously nurtured to increase brand awareness and shorten time to fill.
  • Deliver and Measure (controls) – Provide you with qualified and interested candidates, detailed campaign analysis, and assessments tools to make sure we are driving ROI.

Your Team The team is made up of a select group of functional and industry experts dedicated to help your company find better talent. Veterans, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, will provide boutique style service with strict attention to detail at every step of process. We believe in complete transparency in both our service delivery and our pricing models (starting prices are listed below).

Our mission is to increase the ROI of your talent initiative through…

  • Reduced CPH (cost per hire) through a more effective and efficient sourcing plan, higher quality, and global reach.
  • Reduced time to fill (opportunity costs capture) – our models and reach allow your teams to start with qualified candidates in the queue.
  • Scalability – what else can we say? Turn us on when needed and we will flex to meet your needs whether that need is 10 hires or 10,000.
  • Greater focus on high value activities from an internal perspective (recruiter to candidate, recruiter to hiring manger) – provide a running start to in-house recruiting team
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce mass market approaches that are ineffective and costly – laser focused approaches result in higher qualified talent pools, in less time, and typically for less money.
  • Tap into a decade of sourcing excellence across all major disciplines, markets, and countries. We have been there and done that. Let us prove it to you. Share in our experiences!

We are comfortable in saying that our suite of services is perhaps the most comprehensive set of solutions in the market today delivering pre-qualified and interested candidates to fulfill your company’s growing talent needs.

A higher intensity approach to better talent

Whether you’re hiring for a single role or a 1,000 person expansion, our team will help you overcome the critical recruiting issues. Our services are based upon addressing five primary challenges, including:

  • Research and Understanding
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Time and Return
  • Talent
  • Technology

Our services go beyond finding qualified talent, using research we help you better understand the talent market.

Staffed by a diverse and seasoned team of research, marketing, and search consultants, HireIntensity conducts the end-to-end legwork for employers seeking to better understand the market, gain competitive insight, and fill open positions.




  • We have a history dating back to 1998 – an innovator of today’s marketplace (over a decade of experience).
  • High scalability.
  • Rapid deployment – facilitating your speed to market – allowing your recruiters to hit the ground running.
  • Research driven, relationship focused.
  • Our own in-house creative, brand and marketing teams.
  • Part of Method3: a highly recognized global firm focused on creating sustainable value and advantage through people.

How can you measure Intensity? Here is how some of our clients measure our impact…

  • Decreased interview to hire ratio (more efficient vetting process – up to 30%) 30% 30%
  • Improved Retention through proven culture-aligned approach (upwards of 35%) 35% 35%
  • Reduction in Time to Fill (upwards of 40%) 40% 40%
  • Reduction in overall recruiting costs (up to 45%) 45% 45%
  • Increased diversity of candidates (upwards of 50%) 50% 50%
  • Improved awareness of Talent brand (up to 60%) 60% 60%
  • Reduction in time to first interview 90% 90%
  • Increased internal customer satisfaction – Priceless! – Ok, maybe we said this one!! 100% 100%

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